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1892 Rossi "Ranch Hand" - "Mare's Leg" Lever-Action Pistol 6 + 1

In Stock Now: .357Mag/.38Spl - .44Mag - .45LC 


Blue Barrel / Case Hardned Frame


1892 Rossi "Ranch Hand" /  "Mare's Leg" Lever-Action Pistol

Long-Range Pistol for Hunting and Defense

.44 Magnum Blue Barrel & Frame $499.00

.38Spl/.357Mag Blue Barrel & Frame $499.00 

.45LC Blue Barrel / Case Hardened Frame $549.00 

                                                                                                                      +UPS 2d-Day Air = $40.00 Added at Checkout

Not Legal For Sale In California


 Blue Barrel / Blue Frame


Not Legal in CA

Rossi Lever Action Pistol - Blue Barrel & Frame .38Spl/.357Mag Item # 60016 Price - $539.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED



Rossi Lever Action Pistol - Blue Barrel /Case Hardened Frame .45LC # 61661 Price $ 589.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED



Rossi Lever Action Pistol - Blue Barrel & Frame .44Magnum Item # 60015 Price $539. - SHIPPING INCLUDED


1892 Rossi Ranch Hand 12" Barrel +1400 fps* Lever-Action Pistol 6 + 1


Pistol caliber lever-action Rifles and Carbines have played a part in American history since the days of the Old West, when having a rifle and pistol that fire the same cartridge just made sense.

The concept for the Model 1892 Rossi “Ranch Hand” comes from the TV show “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” which starred Steve McQueen as Civil War veteran turned bounty hunter, Josh Randall.

Set in the 1870’s, our hero used a holstered Winchester Model 1892 “Mare’s Leg” Pistol to bring the "Bad Guys" to justice. The fact that he was using a gun not invented for nearly two decades made as little difference to him as it did to the audience.

Rossi's Model 1892 hybrid lever action pistol features a gold-bead front sight with adjustable buckhorn rear sights and a large-loop lever. It does not have a full-size rifle stock and installing a Rossi stock would cause the gun to become classified as a "Short Barrel Rifle," (SBR), under the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA), and as such would be illegal to posses without a special permit from BATFE.

The Ranch Hand's 12-inch barrel produces muzzle velocities over 1400 feet per second. This ballistic performance, combined with Ranch Hand’s compact size and rapid-fire action make it a uniquely useful pistol for Hunting and Defense. For ballistics performance by caliber, follow this link: *Ballistics by the Inch.

The "Mares Leg" grip, while removable, must NOT be replaced with a rifle stock, which would cause the gun to be re-classified as an NFA regulated “Short Barrel Rifle,” (SBR). This category includes any firearm with a buttstock and either a rifled barrel under 16” long or an overall length under 26 inches.


 - Caliber: .45LC - .44Mag - .357Mag
- Capacity: 6 + 1
- Barrel Length: 12”
- Action: Lever Action Repeating Pistol
- Finish: Matte Blue Barrel w/ Blue Frame -or- Matte Blue Barrel w/Case Hardened Frame
- Weight: 4 LBS+/-

How to Buy This: Rossi Ranch Hand Blue / Blue -or- Blue / Case Hardened

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